No matter which global conferencing service you use, Communiqué Conferencing offers multiple ways for your participants to connect to your global conference calls, including local and toll free access. We have support centers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific, staffed 24x7x365 to assist you and your participants at any time in any language. Why clients choose us:

  • The most reliable global conferencing service – We provide the highest quality global conferencing available. Redundant conference call facilities are distributed worldwide throughout 7 cities in the United States, 3 cities in Canada, and 6 cities throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and South America.
  • Global conferencing access from 109 countries – We’re not a local or regional telecom provider. We’re a business with customers, staff and operations centers across the globe. toll free and local access numbers are available in the more countries than any other provider. Click here to view a complete list of available countries.
  • Fanatical 24x7x365 live support: It is our commitment that the last thing any of our clients ever need to worry about is their conferences. No matter if you’re a small business or large conglomerate, we do it all, including the worrying, for you.

Online Conferencing Manager


View and control your conference calls from a web-browser using our free Online Call Manager tool. Our easy-to-use web interface takes the guess work out of conference calling.

  • Active talker feature indicating which conference call attendee is speaking
  • Mute/unmute attendee lines
  • Online chat
  • Dial out feature available to both the leader and participants
  • Edit default conference call options
  • Sub conferencing controls
  • Record and archive calls for playback (also download MP3)



 Mobile Phone Integration

Want a simpler way to connect to meetings when you’re on the go? Or do you need an easier way to organize the dial-in numbers and passcodes for several different meetings?

MeetingConnect Mobile Assistant, a free service, gives you one-touch dialing into your conferences from your mobile phone.

  • Store up to 256 unique sets of audio conference details from weekly, recurring meetings to one time calls you need to attend while mobile.
  • Start and join audio conferences with the push of a single button. You no longer need to enter your ten-digit dial-in number, conference code and leader PIN.
  • Join audio conferences as a participant or a leader. You indicate the details when creating your profile.

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